Scrapbooking, or Photo Albums?

It’s safe to say that most people will own a camera at some point in their lives, or at least have access to a device capable of taking photos. As enjoyable as these images might be to look at on a screen, their true beauty is something that can only be appreciated when looked at properly. Many people choose to keep their printed photographs in packs, while others enjoy nothing more than putting them into frames.

Over the past few years, the potential of scrapbooking has increased in popularity, more so than even traditional photo album alternatives. But in the battle for the ultimate photo display book, are scrapbooks really better than photograph albums?

The benefits of traditional albums

Image albums have been used in one form or another for decades. From the earliest portfolios, all the way to modern wedding albums that attempt to capture and display a couple’s special day. They’re very beneficial for large collections of photographs and can store hundreds at a time – all of which will typically be protected by a transparent sleeve.

The main drawback is that they are very mundane when compared to scrap books and personalised albums. Most books come with their own design and it can be very hard to modify these layouts without damaging the integrity of the book itself. So, how do scrap books compare and why are they different?

Getting to grips with scrapbooks

Where albums strive to offer safe storage of photos as a priority, these alternatives offer the same features and much more. Instead of the mundane and plain approach featured by regular albums, scrap books present an individual way to customise each and every page – including the front and back cover, too.

If you’re looking for a basic way to present your photographs, then a normal photo album will definitely suffice. If you prefer creativity and an exclusive way to represent and design your collection of photos, the better choice is definitely a customisable folder that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.