Motorbike Care Tips That Can Be Performed at Home

Caring for a motorbike is a priority for most owners and although a garage or mechanic will be able to address most internal issues, there are ways that you can maximise the functionality of your bike in between check-ups. All that you’ll need is an hour or two of spare time and an openness to getting your hands dirty to keep your vehicle working at optimum levels.

Check oil levels

Depending on the make and model of your bike, you might notice that your oil levels require a touch up from time to time. It’s never a good idea to allow your oil to drop lower than the level identified on the stick, but it can be detrimental to your engine if the volume goes over this amount, too. To be safe, aim to keep your levels in between the two markers at all times and avoid switching brands as they can often feature varying consistencies.

Evaluate your tyre pressure

If there’s one way to guarantee that your motorbike’s tyres will wear down at a rapid rate; it’s reduced pressure. No matter how tight your caps are, air will always have a tendency to escape over time and with use – so take a look at the pressure and then be sure to inflate your tyres to their recommended level. If you’re ever in doubt, check under the chassis of your bike to see the recommended volume of pressure.

Run your battery often

Bike batteries aren’t like car equivalents and although they are well-equipped to last for years at a time, they are prone to draining at a far more rapid rate. This rate will only be increased if you only use your motorcycle from time to time. To cater to this event, be sure to take your vehicle for a quick ride at least once every other night. This will help to recharge the battery without consuming too much petrol, as may be the case with longer journeys.